Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling at home

I was counting the other day and figured that I have lived in nine different places since Greg and I were married seven years ago. It's amazing how often I've moved but always felt at home. Greg wasn't always with me - in fact, we spent more time apart during the first four years of our marriage than together, but just knowing how hard he was working to provide a good life for me and now for my boys has always been enough to fill me with that peace that comes with "home." Whatever adventure awaits our little family next, I know we'll find home there, too. I love you, Greg.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meet my boys

Ethan is my Energizer Bunny. He really does just keep going and going and going. He is the biggest brother and takes his role as such very seriously - picking on Lincoln and protecting Porter. He astounds us daily with how quickly he learns and how much he retains. His favorite trick is getting out of bed after bedtime, sneaking up the stairs and behind the couch, and waiting until Greg and I, on the couch oblivious the entire time, get an inkling of his presence. What a stinker.

Lincoln is my blossoming - no, blossomed - chatterbox. He tells anyone who will listen exactly what he wants, what he's done, or what he sees. He can hold his own against Ethan - finally - and loves his baby brother. He rallies daily for his turn to hold Porter or to have whatever toy Ethan has.

Porter is exactly the baby I needed - mellow, happy, delightful. He is currently the best sleeper in the house and spends most of his awake time screeching happily to himself or watching tentatively, wide-eyed, as his older brothers tear through the rooms around him.

Sometimes I just stare and wonder what I did to deserve these beautiful boys...