Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Fun Run

I went with Ethan to run his first race today.  His elementary school sponsors a 5K/Fun Run for the community, and I decided months ago, since Ethan is always begging to go running with me and can't, we would do it together. I signed us up for the 1-mile fun run and he's been talking about it for weeks.

This morning we woke up to 2 inches of snow. As soon as Ethan saw, he was resigned to staying home.  No way. We bundled up and headed to the school.  By the time the race started, we had already shed 2 layers.  It turned out to be a lovely morning for a run.  We were kind of stop-and-go, but mostly because Ethan found a buddy from his class and held his hand, trying to keep him motivated.  We crossed the finish line in 17 minutes 10 seconds...and because he crossed just before me, he has been telling everyone all day how he "totally smoked" me. We had a great time.  I love the idea of running with my kids as they get older. Maybe if I work on them now, they will still want to run with me as teenagers...and talk about life. Ambitious? Yes. Realistic? We'll see.  But for now, I'll take what I can get.

Tooth Fairy, Meet Tooth Monster

Ethan is 6-1/2 and almost ready to lose his first tooth. Yes, we're late bloomers around here. So in anticipation of the great tooth-falling-out event, I found a fun idea online for a tooth monster. The boys love it, and Lincoln and Porter have been reassured that he was not created for Ethan's sole use.  Here's the official plan:  This monster will heretofore eat every tooth that falls out of any GEmKemp offspring's mouth. His mouth is the pocket where the Tooth Fairy can find and exchange teeth for cash.  I hope she doesn't lose an arm in the process.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10 Years Later

Wow. We look like we were 15.  I guess 19 isn't really that much older than 15, but what's your excuse?  When I met you, as is typical of teenage-hood, I was terribly naive.  And I really wanted to get married.  I remember being counseled when I was younger to date good people because you "marry who you date."  Not the case for me.  Every person I dated before you came along gave me a better idea of what I didn't want; hence the reason I snatched you up so quickly. 

I'm not entirely sure I knew who I was when we got married.  But I did know what I wanted.  You were an Eagle Scout and a Returned Missionary.  I liked your family a lot.  And you were good looking and funny and really nice to me.  I was overjoyed to be the object of your affection. 

In the last 10 years, you have helped unearth the real me.  I have discovered who I am; who I want to be.  You have encouraged me to become independent and confident, helping me understand the things I can and cannot do alone.  We have tempered the twists and turns of life together, and even though some days I can't admit it aloud, I really wouldn't change a thing.  You have always been, and still are, exactly what I need, whenever I need it. And even though you don't always love my hair, I'm grateful you're resigned to an understanding that being openly unhappy about it doesn't get us anywhere. 

I love you.  A lot.  Thank for letting me be me and loving me for it...and in spite of it.  Here's to the next 10 years of our crazy adventure...whatever they may bring.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Prepare yourselves. You are about to be visually assaulted with more muscles than you may have ever witnessed in one place at one time. 

Now, try to contain yourself. I know it's hard, especially in the face of so much masculinity...

Nevermind. Go ahead and swoon.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, PJ!

It's official.  There are no more babies in this house. Sure, we've been out of diapers for 6 months and sleeping through the nights since forever ago, but there's something about the baby of the house turning 3 that makes it certifiable.

This kid is seriously cute. He is happy and easy to please. He loves to be a big boy and hates to be left out of any activity his older brothers take part in. He has the BEST kissy lips of any child I know ... and he really loves his daddy.

His brothers gave him a Betta fish for his birthday. Porter named him Mr. Fish.  He died within 24 hours (don't buy your fish at Wal-Mart, people!).  We bought a replacement from an actual pet store, this one named Rockly, who is thriving questionably. We don't have great luck with fish so far, but we keep on trying.

Porter's 3-year-old favorites include:

Color:  Green
Food:  Hot dogs
TV Show:  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Movie:  How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Animal:  Dog
Game:  Puzzles
Superheroes:  Batman and Buzz Lightyear
Place to Visit:  Granny's House
Outside Activity:  Jumping on the trampoline

You are a joy to us, Porter. We are grateful for you and your sweet disposition. You bring a lot of love to our home, and if I didn't know you would just be more fun the bigger you get, I would wish you to stay this size forever. Happy birthday, big boy.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


PJ and Link were playing "bedtime." Lincoln tucked Porter into bed in a play tent and then warned him continually  against getting up because the Booger Monster was waiting to snatch him.

Eewww. The Booger Monster is WAY more terrifying than the Boogy Man.

Enforcer, meet your new bedtime tactic.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Almost 3

PJ will turn 3 next week. Baffling.  We are all, however, very excited.  In anticipation of our upcoming celebration, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He hmmm'd for a moment and then said, "If nobody sings me the birthday song, then I will NOT eat any of my food!"

I think we can manage that.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Family Portrait

Samples from my newphew's 'Stache Bash birthday party...and maybe one of our best family photos to date.