Thursday, July 21, 2011

Granny and Grandpaw

Do you see anything here besides pure, unadulterated joy? Nope - me neither.

We're having withdrawals at my house. Grandparent withdrawal. My parents arrived at our house on the evening of June 16th. Dad stayed the weekend.  Mom stayed for 2 weeks while she babysat Neal's kids in Saratoga Springs. We kept the kids occupied with the Highland Splash Pad, Kangaroo Zoo, sprinklers and trampolining, bike riding, otter pops and sunshine.  We spent every. single. day. together.  It was marvelous.

Then, when my mom went home, I decided to follow her to Tahoe for our annual summer trip to the lake.  Our 2 weeks at Tahoe were filled with hiking, graham cracker houses, fireworks, good food, swimming, kayaking, crawdad fishing, rock hopping, good food, shopping, playing with cousins, good food and complete exhaustion.  And did I mention that there is nothing but good food at Granny and Grandpaw's?  We had a ball.

My boys. On top of the World.
Knock Your Socks Off Rock.

We came home last Saturday night, July 16th, tan and happy. And yes, that's exactly one month following my parents' arrival at our house in June.  I have been trying very hard to keep my boys busy and entertained, but it's not easy.  How do you compete with a month filled with darling cousins and attentive grandparents?  It's simple: You don't.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


We are eating dinner on our last evening with Granny and Grandpaw last night. Porter, who prefers to talk always, whether his mouth is full of food or not, looks up and tells me, while chewing:

"I have to eat aaaaall my food, because if I don't, when I go to bed, my tummy snores really loud and scares me!"

Simple understanding.  Simple interpretation.  Simply darling.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Say What?!

Ethan is informing Lincoln that he is Lincoln's elder. And you should always respect (read: obey) your elders. Sibling manipulation at its finest.