Monday, November 3, 2008


So Greg talked me into taking the boys outside last week to "try out" the paintball guns. Greg let me start since my only previous experience aiming a paintball gun was way less than successful (as Elaine's fence will attest). I ended up shooting him in the kneecap and running him into a tree. There was something kind of satisfying about watching him run and making him yelp. What can I say?

Greg spent some time shooting with Ethan and Lincoln at the burn barrels. They were both happy as clams to pull the trigger, and Ethan got the hang of it very quickly. In fact, when it was my turn to run from the flying paintballs, it was Ethan who nailed me in the hip and - yes - made me cry. What a weenie. Greg was very nice about it...assuring me that it was because the velocity of the guns was turned up and the paintballs were slightly frozen. Thanks for not gloating, Greg. Now, only four days later, I'm still sporting my frozen paintball bruises in pretty shades of purple and green.

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