Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday happenings

We had an amazing Christmas! Bigger than it should have been because of the generosity and love of friends and family. We spent a lot of time with Greg's family and a lot of time on the phone with mine. Lincoln was sick for about three weeks - humidifiers, nebulizers, antibiotics, eydrops, high fevers, ER name it, we did it. As soon as he finally began to show signs of recovery (we knew he was feeling better because he wanted to wrestle everyone), the rest of us (and grandma and cousins) came down with it. 'Tis the season, right? Loving, caring, and sharing...even our germs. It seems, though, that everyone is finally on the mend.

Below are a few shots of our holiday fun. Lincoln had his first encounter with sugar cookie dough...and didn't eat much dinner that night. Grandma Elaine facilitated the first annual grandkids nativity. Porter was baby Jesus...and boy did everyone love him! It was darling. It was hard for the adults not to giggle through Grandpa Dale's reading of Jesus' birth because of the sweet children smothering baby Jesus. I look forward to next year's edition.

We hope you and your loved ones had a magical holiday season. We love you all. Welcome to 2009 . . . bring it on!


Jessy said...

I can see why everyone was in love with baby Jesus! What a doll!

I hope 2009 is much less eventful for the Kemps!

Love you!

Jody said...

Glad to hear that everyone is starting to feel better. That was a rough three weeks for Lincoln (and you)!

And the nativity looks absolutely precious! I hope you also had the video camera rolling....

It was great being able to see you while we were in Utah. Thanks for all you visits!