Thursday, September 15, 2011


For months and months, reading time has been tantamount to pulling teeth for Ethan.  He usually resists; he would rather be playing computer games or watching a cartoon or playing outside.  Tough.  I make him read anyway.

And then last night, the payoff. 

Each boy usually picks a book to take to bed with them.  And about 10 minutes after tucking them in, Ethan rushed into the famiy room holdling an intermediate Dr. Seuss book, excitement abounding. 

"MOM! I read ALL the way through this book! To the end! So now I need another one! Reading is awesome! It's like every time I start to read a book, I go there! To where the book is! I don't ever want to stop reading!"

Welcome to the club, Ethan.


Kam said...

Wow, he nailed it, love that boy :)

Jody said...

That brings a smile to my face! As I'm sure it did to yours. :)

Tina said...

So cute!!