Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A classic exchange

My favorite conversation from our hotel days thus far happens frequently when Ethan goes into the bathroom and locks the door. It goes something like this:

Lincoln: "Ethan - you in dere?"
Ethan: "Go away, Link. I need some privacy."
Lincoln: "Oh, you need PIvacy... You poopin', Ethan?"
Ethan: "Yes, Lincoln. Please go away. I need some privacy."
Lincoln: "Oh. Pivacy to poop, Ethan?"
Ethan (perturbed): "Go away, Lincoln!" (Nobody poops well under pressure.)
Lincoln (finally wandering away): "Moooom! Ethan need some pivacy 'cause he's poopin'."

It sounds to me like Lincoln is ready to potty train, don't you think? He knows exactly what's going on, and I'm committed to teach soon as we don't live in a hotel anymore. I'm only just a little nervous that Lincoln's "monster" will come out. He doesn't like to be messed with...and certainly doesn't like to be told what to do.

Why is it that we find so much humor in the bathroom habits of our children? Although I know this exchange tops Ethan's obnoxious little brother scale, I can't help but giggle each time it happens. I love motherhood...mostly.


Amber said...

That was too, too funny!

M&M Kemp's said... couldn't have put that more perfect! I laughed so puts the funniest image in my head! And what a perfect picture of a little monster on the toilet! I am so glad Jocelyn is not to the age of potty training yet...I wish she could just skip that stage! Sooo Funny...thanks for the laughs!

Candland Family said...

Im so glad you teach your kids about privacy...Kids bathroom talk is so funny!

Annette and Scott said...

Boy am I grateful to not be potty training anyone!! Great post!!

Kelly Netzel said...

Holy Crap Emery, that was way too funny. I have yet to experience those conversations with the girls. Usually Alera is the one helping Kai lol.