Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daddy's boy

Since Greg left on Monday Lincoln, more than anybody else, has had a little bit of a hard time adjusting. Having Greg around over the past months has turned Link into more of a daddy's boy than ever. The truth is, Lincoln is finally big enough for he and Greg to be buddies. Every morning Lincoln gets up and we have the same conversation.

Link: "Mom, where's daddy?"
Me: "He working in Wyoming, remember?"Link (assertively): "I want to go with him!"
Me: "I know, buddy. We'll see him soon."
Link (groaning in disappointment, lip stuck way out): "Oooohh..."

While I was finishing up my exercise this morning, he and Ethan were watching cartoons in my bed. He started to chatter excitedly, so I tuned in to what he was saying. "Look...daddy! Look! It's an ephant [elephant]! . . . Oh, daddy! I see a tiger! . . . Daddy, daddy, look!" When he finally looked over to where Greg usually sleeps and saw only Ethan, his demeanor changed and his voice got small. "Oh . . . Ethan . . . look."

We're so grateful that Greg's job has finally started that I have hardly even thought about missing him. Of course we would rather be together than apart, but this job and has been a long time coming, and we're just thrilled that he's finally in Wyoming, forging ahead. Now, if we could just get over our insurance hurdles and move up to Wyoming with him, I might go so far as to say life would be perfect . . . if only for a moment.


Oh Babe COBABE said...

Emery... I sure love you guys!!! I am sorry that you are apart!!! You have experienced it more than most and you have always been such a good example to me!!! You guys are in our prayers and I can't wait for you and Greg to be united!
Love you tons,


Candland Family said...

doesnt that just pull on your heart? Will Greg get to come home on weekends or anything?

M&M Kemp's said...

Oh...that made my heart hurt...and my eyes water...really...we all miss's so different not having him around! And you...are the stud of the year for running with all these "fun hurdles" and still smiling and being making my day everyday!

Jessy said...

Poor Link! That just breaks my heart :(