Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catching up and moving in

Sorry for the multiple posts all at once - I've been slacking the blog lately. Pictures of the house and other Pinedale goings on can be seen below.

The expectation: Before we moved in, we were told that the house was furnished and "loaded." The reality: When we moved in, there were large appliances, couches, beds, kitchen table (broken: Greg and his helpers fixing it below), a handful of dishes, and not much else.

We contacted our housing girl who helped line up the house for us. After researching, she reported that she could not order rental stuff for us because we would be required to have at least a four-month lease (our insurance approved only a month-to-month). So we went back to our insurance adjusted and requested an advancement to buy necessities for us to function independently in the house (i.e., pots and pans, baking dishes, silverwear, dish towels, cooking utensils, cutting boards, linens, pillows, alarm clocks, iron, trash cans). Apparently, however, he is not approved to advance any more money until a settlement is reached. Argh! So, because of the graciousness of friends and neighbors, we have a borrowed skillet, salad bowl, spatula. We had friends over for dinner on Sunday and served them food that could not have been prepared without their loaned kitchen supplies.

We are SO happy to be in a home and be together and have space . . . but apparently the battle is not yet over.

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M&M Kemp's said...

It's weird to see pictures of you all in a home...I can't really process it in my me you're still in Provo at the hotel...and we'll see you tomorrow...awe...I guess we need to come visit I can have some closure...or something! But maybe when you get back there again...loved being with you this weekend!