Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ethan was looking in my cupboards while I was getting ready this morning.

Boy: "Mom, when will I get to wear deodorant?"
Me: "When you get older your body will start to change. You'll get taller and stronger and hairier your voice will change. And you'll start to get sweaty and stinky for more often, which is when you'll need deodorant. It's called puberty."
Boy: "But when will that be, mom?"
Me: "It's different for everyone. Sometimes in middle school, sometimes in high school . . ."
Boy: "For me it will be in the fifth grade. Because that's when I want to get tall and hairy."

Sigh. He seems to be in much more of a hurry than me.

Friday, February 12, 2010

All you need to know about Greg, you can learn from Lincoln

Greg was holding Lincoln yesterday and Link was yammering on about something Greg couldn't figure out. He asked for my help in translation.

"Daddy, you neck is big like a giant and like Pete [from Mickey Mouse]."

the end.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Yesterday during our ward's fast and testimony meeting, I pointed out to Ethan that one of his friends from church was standing at the pulpit sharing his testimony. Ethan's eyes lit up. "Can I go, too, mom?" He was so eager, the only thing I could do was send him on his way. Since Greg was working, I stayed on our bench with Lincoln and Porter. Ethan went and found a chair next the bishop and waited for his turn. My friend in front of me turned around and said quietly, "You're brave to send him up alone!" I smiled and whispered back, "I guess this will be the test."

When his turn came, he bravely stood behind the microphone and started fantastically: "I'd like to bear my testimony. I know this church is true . . ." He looked down at me and I could see a moment of panic. He stalled and seemed unsure where to go from there. I nodded encouragement . . . and he ran with it. "My name is Ethan. I have two brothers. Their names are Ethan and Lincoln. Oh wait. I was mistaking. Their names are Lincoln and Porter. I go to primary. I have a new teacher. Her name is Michelle. And another teacher. He's a daddy and his name is Travis. I've been to their house before. They have a cat . . . no wait. They have [with finger props] TWO cats . . ."

By this time I was dying and tears of laughter filled my eyes. He was so cute and everyone was chuckling. Of course, he loved the attention. I was trying to catch his eye and get him to wrap things up, but he continued to ramble on, entertaining the congregation. I finally stood and walked to stand in front of the podium, whispering to him to close his testimony with the things he is grateful for.

"I'm grateful for church and for primary and for my family and for Jesus and for the prophet. InthenameofJesusChristAmen." What a proud and anxiety-ridden moment. I spent the rest of the day laughing with people who came up to tell me how adorable and brave Ethan was to get up by himself. I think the next time we sit down for testimonies, we'll have a brief chat about what they really are. He does have guts, though. You have to give him that. I'm so proud.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family pictures

We hired Michelle to take our extended family pictures over the Christmas holiday. She packed up her gear and headed up to Aspen Grove for the huge undertaking. Just a couple pictures below . . . for your viewing pleasure. If you want to see more, go to Rusty Bucket Photography. More than anything, I love having updated pictures of my kids . . . especially ones that show off their individual personalities so well. Thanks and we love you, Shelle!