Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our newest addition

Before Dakota had been gone even a week, we were looking for another puppy. We still miss her, a fact that Lincoln reminds me of often. I thought I would be fine without another dog - the yard would be easier to play in and care for, the boys could spend time outside without being accosted by a hyper puppy, etc. But it didn't take much convincing until I was sold on the idea.

Boone was the only yellow lab pup in a whole litter of jet black siblings. He is spunky and sweet and the boys (yes, and I) are already in love. We picked him up in Utah after a marvelous Memorial Day weekend with family and he rode home in the Durango with me and the boys, who absolutely delighted at his every move.

Trying to get 5 boys to sit still for a good picture? Never gonna happen...
And . . . Greg started a new job with Questar Gas last week which finds him leaving the house at 6:30 in the morning (instead of 5) and coming home at 3:30 every afternoon (instead of between 6:30 and 8)! Are we loving the new schedule? Yes we are. This is the most fabulous schedule we've had in the history of our marriage and we're eating it up. Greg can spend more time with Ethan at T-ball (as opposed to my time spent chasing the little boys while he practices and plays), has more time for family outings, and more time to spend training and playing with Boone; not to mention that I often find myself grocery shopping solo these days while the boys play at home with dad. Wahoo!

We are happy and settled again. We are blessed with solidarity, health and perspective. If only summertime would find its way to Pinedale, I would have nothing to complain about.


Jody said...

I'm glad Boone is fitting in. He sounds like he's already loved by all.

Jealous to hear of the new work schedule. That sounds like heaven!!!

Sadie Rose said...

yayy!! puppies and family time - the best. xo

moller99 said...

Boone is awfully cute! I can see how you are already in love! I am so excited for Greg. What a difference a normal shift can make!

Sarah said...

I cannot tell you enough how absolutely JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS I am of Greg's work schedule. I yearn for days when Dan would have a "normal" job with "normal" hours. For a stay-at-home mom, you guys scored. That's great!