Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Granny and Grandpaw

It's a constant in my life that wherever my parents are, I feel more at home . . . even in my own home. Mom and dad drove up last Thursday for a long weekend visit. We wandered Pinedale like tourists, ate, ran and walked the 10K route, ate, spent time in the Mountain Man Museum, ate, went to the Bar-J Wranglers show and played outside with the little boys. Yep, even Granny got on the trampoline for awhile. Oh, and then we ate some more.

Remember Porter and the banana? Well, here's the sequel.
PJ versus cantaloupe. He wins every time.
Grandpaw went with the boys to feed the horses -
but of course, he's behind the camera
Dad created portions of Michelle's and my costumes for the Halloween Half Marathon (photos to follow in October), we stayed up late playing cards and laughing hysterically about stupid things - the way you do when you're deliriously tired (which delirium sets in any time after 8 p.m. for mom and me) - and read books which led to afternoon naps on the couch almost every day. It was glorious.

Lincoln and PJ listening to silent stories at the library
I feel relatively certain that, with a little more effort on my part,
this could have been an excellent photo
As soon as the door closed behind them on their way out at 6:10 a.m. Tuesday morning, Lincoln said, "Awww. But I wanted them to stay for longer, longer." Ditto, buddy. Come back soon!


Sarah said...

I love seeing Aunt Phyllis and Uncle John out there with you guys. And I LOVE that picture of you and your Mom. It made me laugh. Hopefully they'll go back and visit you guys soon. I love seeing my kids with my Mom and Dad. There's just something so neat about grandkids with grandparents.

Phyllis said...

Some long, snowy winter night I am going to write the lyrics to I Love This Blog, sung to the tune of I Love This Bar. Hey, I thought I was taller than you.

Emery said...

i totall had heals on. i cheated.