Monday, September 28, 2009

Off the charts cuteness - prepare yourself

I could tell you that there are always this many smiles and always so much love at my house - but you all know it'd be a lie. I have three little boys, for goodness' sake! However, I did capture a couple of the rare moments when all three are happy and being kind to one another. Sigh . . .

A hunting we will go

Greg left this morning a little after 7:00 to hunt his first antelope (pronounced ampewope at our house). He called me at 9:00 - success. He brought it home and "cleaned" it up. Now he just has to cut it, wrap it and stick it in the freezer . . . for the only time I will touch it is when it comes out of the freezer to thaw and be cooked.

A proud daddy and his little boys (who were SO proud of daddy and his "deer"):

As we speak, he's bringing home his second ampewope. At least we won't starve this winter! Way to go, Hunter Greg!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Batman's anatomy

We went to a friends' home for game night last week and had a ball. The kids were thrilled because they got to stay up way past their bedtime . . . Ethan was most excited because there were costumes to dress up in. Yes, he was in heaven. He immediately went for the Batman costume. He came to me later for help undressing because he had to go to the bathroom so I went along to assist with the costume. While he was getting re-dressed, he said, "Mom, Batman has puffy nipples!" I had to laugh out loud. When I settled a little, I was able to explain that those were his chest muscles but good for him for being so observant!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soccer mom

Went to a pickup soccer game tonight. A few other moms/adults, lots of teenage girls, tons of fun. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to walk tomorrow...

The verdict is in: My body and lungs are definitely not in high school anymore.

...but I'm already counting down until I get to go back for more!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ice cream sandwich

The ice cream truck found us at the park this afternoon . . . and Ethan's prayers were finally answered.

Friday, September 11, 2009

As we speak . . .

I'm sitting at my desk working; one ear is listening to the dictation and the other is listening to my children. Ethan and Lincoln have interrupted their nacho snacking to say prayers. Ethan went first and is now helping Lincoln finish up his own - always remembering Uncle Mike. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by my children - in a good way.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grill me up a blog, a little heavy on the Ethan...

It seems like all my posts have been about Ethan lately, but I couldn't pass this one up. We were playing at my friend Becky's house yesterday and Ethan was sad that I'd forgotten his swimsuit. I told him to just go out and play in the water in his underwear (don't judge me). He was insistent that I run home really fast to get his trunks. After several denials, he finally conceded. "[sigh] Ok, mom. I'll walk home and get them . . . but can you please give me the directions?"

I wish I could post a picture of his face when he said it . . . he's too smart for his own - or maybe just my own - good.

Monday, September 7, 2009

More Ethan

Ethan: "Mom, if Harry Potter were in real life, Heavenly Father and Jesus would love him, too, riiiiight??"

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Child's Prayer - Part II

I finally explained to Ethan that you have to buy ice cream from the ice cream man and the reason he didn't stop is because we weren't outside waiting with our money when he drove by. So tonight's prayer included this: " . . . And please bless me to get some money so I can buy some ice cream from the ice cream man . . ."

Sigh. I swear I'm listening. Ice cream is in Ethan's future.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A child's prayer

The ice cream truck passes our house every afternoon and Ethan is always sad when he doesn't stop and hand out ice cream of his own volition. The other night in his bedtime prayer, he said ". . . and please bless that the ice cream man will like us and stop at our house some day." Do you think I should just buy the poor boy an ice cream?!

A soccer sensation

Ethan has begun his short 6-week soccer season. I am thrilled to announce that it is a much better fit for him than t-ball. Lots of running and kicking - right up his alley! He even scored 2 goals in the first 2 minutes of his very first game! What a little stud.

This picture cracks me up. He's always stretching - so vigilant about it sometimes that he misses the start of the play!

Lucky #7 - my number all through high school - and look at that form!
He informed everyone while running off the field that he needed a substitute so he could have a break and lay in the sun. Yep . . . he's definitely my son.

Quick trip to Rexburg

The little boys and I left after church on Sunday for Rexburg for a visit with Lee and Danika. We stayed with them in their darling apartment and had a magnificent time. The boys are still asking when they are coming to our house . . . although L&D are probably relieved to be able to sleep in past 5:50 or so now that we've gone.

Some of the highlights include playtime at the ropes course, the splash pad, catching "suicidal grasshoppers" in the field across from L&D's apartment and spending as much time outside as possible. Thanks for such a fun visit Lee and Dani! We'll see you soon.

A conversation

As mentioned before, Ethan is obsessed with He-Man these days. Yesterday he begged to be in his underwear like He-Man, so of course I conceded. When he started getting his sneakers on to outside, however, I drew the line. I told him He-Man had to at least wear shorts outside. Tantrum ensued. "He-Man doesn't wear shorts - he only wears his underwear!" I tried to explain that He-Man's "underwear" were really shorts and they were just small and tight because he couldn't find any awesome shorts like Ethan's at the store, so he had to take what he could get. That helped . . . a little.

5 minutes pass . . .

"Mom, can I be spiky-hair Robin from Batman instead?" I agreed because Robin always seems to be fully dressed. Then he explained . . . "Yeah," he replied, "But he wears his underwear on TOP of his clothes!"

Oh my . . . I'm beginning to wonder why I buy this boy any clothes at all!