Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Posting from Pinedale!

Yep - we're here, although not settled quite yet because we're in adjoining hotel rooms. *Sigh. I never thought I would say that I missed the Provo Marriott, but at this moment, I miss the space, the kitchen . . . and the cleaning standards. We're four days into our hotel stay and will work really hard to stay sane for the next three days before we move into our rental house.

Our first day up here we went to the park, saw the children's fishing pond, went to the library, and I took the big boys to see Horton Hears a Who at the movie theater which is inside the car dealership and is free for children's movies every Saturday afternoon. The boys did great. Lincoln started to get restless, but as soon as I got him some juice to drink, we made it through the rest of the movie without any mishaps.

We're going a little crazier in this hotel than in the last. The weather here is still COLD (although not by Wyoming standards). When we left Utah, it was nearly 80 degrees, so the boys have tons of shorts and t-shirts accessible. However, when we got here, it was kind of snowing and the wind was BLOWING. We have since been in our little Uhaul trailer to dig out jackets and boots (and put the summer sandals away temporarily).

As for our new ward, it's FILLED with young families and kids. *Whew! I met a great gal at church who had pity on me and invited me and the little boys up for Sunday dinner (Greg had to work). We had a fantastic time. They have a darling little family - three little boys for my three to play with (6, 3, and 1). I hardly saw Ethan the whole time we were there . . . although he did come in with tears when he fell on his mouth outside and chipped his two front teeth a little. Thank goodness for baby teeth. We're going to play at our new friends' house again today - thank goodness for an excuse to get out!

We've been to our rental home a couple times to get a feel for it. It's in a fantastic neighborhood, and once it's cleaned/scrubbed (which the landlady will have done before we move in) and the little family that's in it now moves all their things out, I think it will be great. It's got a really big family room and is open enough for us to finally have some space again! Three bedrooms - all with queen beds. I'll flip one of the queen beds sideways for Ethan and Lincoln to share (which they're doing in their king-size hotel bed at this moment) and put Porter in a port-a-crib. That means there's an extra room with a queen size bed for anyone who feels like spending a weekend - or longer - in Wyoming!


Oh Babe COBABE said...

Save that queen size bed for me... I'm coming!!! Ok, so I don't know when but I miss you guys like crazy and Allison and Megan want Ethat and Lincoln to play with... (of course Porter too). Love you guys!


Candland Family said...

Im so glad you are all together now! It will be nice to get into that house. Im so glad the ward has young families...YAY! Cant wait til things get all worked out and your "real" life can start

Steph said...

My Lincoln asked this morning when you guys are coming over to play. Yep, we're having withdrawls.

So glad your all together again and *almost* settled.

Sarah said...

I was watching the CBS NIghtly News two nights ago and they had a whole news segment on Pinedale, Wyoming. Evidently, when the majority of the country is having a hard time finding a job, Pinedale has the highest employment rate due to some oil rig there. Obviously, that's why 212 is there and that's why you guys are there. Pretty cool.