Monday, April 6, 2009

Thinkin' Lincoln

Two things happened today that totally qualified as blog-worthy. First of all, Lincoln has lost his hat - his only hat, my favorite hat. It's a wonderful green baseball cap, and I'm heartbroken (although I know where to find another one). I told him today, "Lincoln, I'm so sad that you lost your hat." His eyes got really big and sweet, he hugged my leg, looked at me and he said softly, "I happy, mommy. It's okay . . . I here."

A short while later I took him out to the car with me to gather some things. When I closed the door, I decided to look once more in the back of the car behind his car seat in case he'd thrown his hat back there. I peered into the back window with my hand shading the window so I could see through the tint. Lincoln is at the darling age where he mimics everything. I didn't see the hat so I turned to go back inside. Lincoln wasn't on my heels so I glanced back to see where he was. He had his hand cupped backwards at his temple . . . he was peering into the tire.

Some days I can't wait for the boys to get bigger, go to school, get into sports . . . but moments like these make me want to freeze time for awhile . . . just to capture the candid innocence that so often brings so much tenderness and laughter.


Candland Family said...

That was so cute! Time goes so fast, next week I register Payton for kindergarten.

Jody said...

That's just too cute! And I hope you find his hat!