Friday, April 17, 2009

WAHOO!!! Wyoming, here we come!

A milestone week lies ahead, including: Porter's first birthday, our eighth wedding anniversary, an outrageous five months in the hotel, and the beginning of yet another - and hopefully more permanent - chapter in our ever-adventurous lives. Here's to a happy farewell to our Marriott home!
After tens of home possibilities and denial after denial we finally found a home to move into! Of course, since it doesn't include acreage for Greg's horses, it won't be permanent, but for the time being, we're THRILLED at the prospect of being together again! Greg saw it this afternoon and said it's a charming brick home on a corner lot in the middle of town with a fully fenced back yard and a beautiful kitchen. What else could a girl ask for. Oh yeah...a great neighborhood and lots of kids included!

Greg will not come home on his next block of days off. Instead, he will stay in Pinedale and meet the furniture company that is bringing us a house FULL of rental furnishings - everything from sofas and beds to bath towels, sheets, silverware, and lamps. Dale, my father-in-law, will drive up with me, the boys, and our belongings. While I'm over the moon with excitement, I'm also feeling a little nostalgic. I'm so going to miss being near so many people who are so dear to me. So...plan a date and come visit!


Sarah Hadsell said...

Hip-hip-hooray!!! I am SO happy for you. :)

Candland Family said...

cute house! Cant wait for the boys to have a back yard

Jody said...

The house looks so cute! I hope the neighborhood is a good one! Congrats on the move!

Sarah said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! The house looks amazing! So, so excited for you guys to be moving on!