Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We had a marvelous afternoon with Michelle, Brody, and Jocelyn yesterday. We took FANTASTIC pictures of the kids and ate dinner at the park. Ethan earned a $1 toy at the store earlier in the day - a glow stick. He worked really hard to be handsome and compliant with pictures and was ecstatic to run around with the glow stick in his pocket. He spent time running, rolling down a grassy hill, falling of the bleachers he was climbing on...

When it was time to go, he discovered that he had lost the glow stick, much to his disappointment. In fact, he tried over and over to talk me into going back to Walmart to get another one before we went home. After failing to convince me, he got very teary and proceeded to tell me how sad and disappointed he was. After about 10 minutes of tears and begging, he quieted down for a moment and then said quietly (my favorite part - and his favorite word - in italics), "Perhaps my watch [read: Omnitrix] would make me feel better . . . will you please put it on four bags full?" Oooh, I just LOVE him!

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